How does your training impact your fitness? EvoLab by COROS evaluates your workouts, your recovery, and more to provide you with best-in-class fitness analysis. The EvoLab platform is free to all COROS users. It focuses on your general fitness throughout the training season, with additional features specifically for the measurement of your flat road running performance.

EvoLab is the Evolution of Personal Fitness Evaluation packed into a wrist-based wearable.

Training Load

In real time, your GPS watch will show you the level of impact a particular training session or activity is having on your body. This number starts at 0 and increases based on the intensity and duration of your activity. Compare your training load in the history menu of your running watch to see how today’s training compares to similar activities in the past.

Training Effect

Training is often separated into two key categories: Aerobic – cardio building activities, or Anaerobic – speed work. What divides these two groupings is your Lactate Threshold. EvoLab will score your Aerobic and Anaerobic Training Effect individually on a scale of 0-5+ in real time on your GPS watch.

Base Fitness and Load Impact

A good workout today does not mean you are ready for a new personal best tomorrow. Likewise, one bad workout does not derail a great block of training. EvoLab evaluates your Load Impact (previous 7 days of training) and your Base Fitness (previous 6 weeks of training). Your GPS watch will also recommend a total 7-day training-load range based on your history for best results.


Different athletes respond to different training load differently. An 100k week might be an easy program for Eliud Kipchoge meanwhile it’s more than what a lot of people can run in a week. The amount of Base Fitness left in your body after Load Impact is called Fatigue. Fatigue makes your body tired but it also makes your body strong. This is the cycle of training, and EvoLab provides a 0-100 fatigue score and categorizes your score into 5 different zones. Getting ready to race soon? Make sure to go from the Optimized Zone to the Performance Zone or as you might call it – taper!

Running Specific Features

  • • EvoLab evaluates your current marathon readiness, providing you with a score to compare to your training partners.
  • • EvoLab identifies if your most recent workout is improving your overall fitness.
  • • EvoLab categorizes your workouts to indicate what part of your training is being prioritized.

Marathon Level

While races do not play out on paper or in apps, EvoLab provides you with a 0-100 score showing your level as a Marathoner. While this metric is based heavily off the 26.2 mile distance (100 equates to a 2 hour Marathon!) it can also serve as a great barometer for your overall running fitness.

Running Performance

For those of you who want to see a more dynamic metric, a running performance score of between 80% and 120% will show you how today’s run compares to your overall running fitness. Many factors can make a run great or less than stellar – sleep, recovery, nutrition, stress, weather and more. If you continue to see scores of 100% or better, it’s a good bet your overall fitness is improving.

Race Predictor

Whether you are training for the 5k, 10k, half marathon or marathon distance, EvoLab provides an overall race prediction and race pace directly on your GPS watch. Some runs will impact some race distance predictions but not others, just like your training targets specific distances.

Training Focus

Not all runs are created equal. Each run likely has its own focus, and while we hope a particular run serves it purpose, EvoLab uses heart rate, pace and various other training metrics from your running watch to tell you exactly what training type was most impacted on a particular run. Note, this is not the type of run you had but what training effort was likely to be improved.

Advanced Data Analysis

The EvoLab provides a simplified tool to review your fitness metrics and its trend. Go to your COROS app, visit your personal profile page, and you will see how you improve over time. There is also a clear view of your seasonal fitness trend, so you find your peak and perform at your best.